Frequently Asked Questions

What is CORE?

CORE is a one of a kind collaborative on-line data service that will provide information on performance milestones, operations, sales and marketing metrics, revenues, and expenditures and more for Ontario’s seniors housing sector.

The ultimate goal of CORE is to be the leading source of data, research and analytics for seniors housing operators, commercial partners, developers, investors, capital providers, municipalities, researchers, academics, public policy analysts and others interested in understanding and meeting the growing housing and care needs of Canada’s adults 65+ years of age.


Who created CORE?

CORE is an initiative of the Ontario Retirement Communities Association (ORCA), with data submission and reporting managed by ProMatura Group LLC.


What does CORE mean for me as an investor or developer in the seniors housing sector?

CORE will enable you to evaluate the opportunities and performance of age-qualified housing in Ontario as an asset class. It will provide immediate access to data and information such as: rates, occupancy, NOI, market penetration, and communities in planning. CORE also yields detailed revenues and expenses by property type. CORE is the only source of accurate data to measure and evaluate financial performance of the seniors housing sector in Ontario.


What does CORE mean for me as an owner/operator in the seniors housing sector?

With CORE data you can benchmark yourself against your local competition, and against similar properties in similar markets around Ontario and eventually, across Canada. The data yields market and operational intelligence to find cost-savings, improve quality, and create efficiencies.


What does CORE mean for me as an allied business in the seniors housing sector?

CORE will enable you to more fully understand the growth and challenges of the seniors housing sector at large, as well as locally in your target market. When you know the line by line costs, or the occupancy rates, or the trends in new construction for your clients, you can use those insights to better present your products and services.


How can I buy CORE data?

There are two ways you can buy CORE data.


A static report for a designated product type and market area.

  • Property and Operations (annual)
  • Financial (annual)
  • Quarterly Metrics: Inventory, Rents, Occupancy and Sales (quarterly)

Learn more about Reports here.

Free Form Access

A database allowing you to dig deep into the data. You’ll be able to:

  • Look up multiple market areas
  • Select your own variables
  • Download the data
  • Have 24/7 access

Learn more about Free Form Access here.

How can I use the Free Form Access Tool?

Free Form Access (FFAT) is a tool that will allow you to delve deep into CORE data. You will be able to use it to focus in on the data that is most important to you. You can define attributes of the properties so that you will have a closely matched set of comparable communities. And, you can select the specific information you want to access. For example, FFAT will allow you to compare the actual rent rate for assisted living properties that opened in the past five years that have between 100 and 200 total units or compare your NOI and net operating margin to other properties that match your profile. FFAT allows for an unlimited number of queries and 24/7 access.


What do the different pricing categories mean?

For static Reports, there are four categories of pricing.

  1. ORCA Member Data Contributor: This category is for companies who are members of ORCA AND who have contributed data to CORE (including financials).
  2. ORCA Member Non-Contributor: This category is for companies who are members of ORCA BUT who have not contributed data. This includes ORCA Commercial Members. Also includes any data contributors who have not submitted financial information.
  3. Non ORCA Member Contributor: This category is for companies who have contributed data to CORE but who are NOT members of ORCA.
  4. General Public: This category is for any company that does not fall under another category.

Pricing for Free Form Access depends on your company's role. Operators pay a subscription fee based on the size of their organization. Commercial members pay a slighted discounted rate on the general public rate.


How can I trust that CORE data is accurate?

ProMatura Group has years of experience in data collection in the seniors housing sector and were involved in the creation of the NIC Map database in the United States. Terminology is standardized according to the CORE glossary and exact instructions are provided to all data submitters. All data is scrubbed for errors and checked to ensure it is comparable with overall data trends. Tolerance limits have also been built in to the database. You can be assured that CORE data is robust and representative.


Why should I be a data contributor to CORE?

As a contributor, you will receive a complimentary market area report. This quarterly report will contain an inventory of properties and units, occupancy, rents and care service fees, and summary of median monthly revenue, expense and NOI per unit by property type. Plus, you will be eligible for special pricing for all other reports and Free Form Access.

To learn more about contributing data to CORE, please contact us at 1-855-221-5902.


How do I know that my data is secure and confidential?

The data you provide will be encrypted and will not be shared with anyone. Confidential data is only reported in aggregate and only when it is combined with information from a minimum of three other comparable communities, who are owned by a minimum of two other companies. All data is stored on a server located in Canada.


I am having technical difficulties with the Free Form Access Tool. How can I get help?

Please contact us at 1-855-221-5902 for assistance.


I have other questions that weren’t answered here.

Please contact us at 1-855-221-5902 and we will be happy to help.


Please CLICK HERE to download a  PDF of our Security Statement.